National Retirement Benefits Association

NRBA Foundation

NRBA Foundation

Looking out for the interests of today’s mature adult is what the NRBA is all about.  We are supporters of several causes of concern to everyone.  The NRBA Foundation supports these causes by coordinating volunteerism, scholarships for those in need and donations to those organizations that are on the front lines doing good work. Here are a few of the causes we support:.

Homeless Veterans
While the NRBA help individuals plan for a secure retirement many of our nation’s veterans need a place to stay and their next meal.  NRBA targets individuals   referred by our members as well as supporting various shelters, programs and food drives for our Homeless veterans.
Diabetes Education
Prevalence in Seniors: The percentage of Americans age 65 and older remains high, at 25.9%, or 11.8 million seniors (diagnosed and un-diagnosed).  NRBA support diabetes education stressing diet and lifestyle changes that will help many seniors avoid the rages of this all too prevalent disease.  With the correct treatment and recommended lifestyle changes, many people with type 2 diabetes are able to prevent or delay the onset of complications.

beautiful african medical nurse and senior patient



  Guns and Mental Illness Research
Not enough is known about the causes of mental illness where horrific crimes and mass shootings have shocked us all.  Rather than agreeing with those whose knee jerk reaction is to create more gun control laws and curtail second amendment rights, the NRBA supports cutting edge mental health research to identify more effective criteria for mental health screening and identification of those who should not own guns.  This is a particularly troubling phenomenon in America that needs to be understood much deeper with compassion and understanding for those who genuinely need help.

Stay tuned for more from the NRBA so you get involved in supporting our foundation’s outreach