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The NRBA Ambassador Opportunity

The NRBA Memberships and all other programs will be marketed through the NRBA’s Co-Op Network Marketing Program.

Members selling memberships by “Referral Marketing” is the answer for explosive and immediate national growth.  The NRBA has great benefits and services that will help our members save money and/or make serious passive income by simply sharing the NRBA Membership to all their family and friends and virtually everyone over the age of 40. The value is that it only costs $36 per year or $3 per month to become a member. That is less than a cup of coffee once a month at your local coffee shop.

This membership could save the average family thousands of dollars a year and help them beat inflation. The money they save can be put towards their savings for retirement. Plus, members have an option to become an NRBA Ambassador where they can build an ever-growing passive income which again, can go toward their financial life today and towards their future retirement. So, with multiple streams of income, the sky is the limit!  

To take advantage of this great opportunity and create more income for yourself, become a member today and join our Ambassador Program to start your own ever-increasing income with the NRBA. This is where you finally get paid for what you are worth and can help to make your dreams come true.

Here is a partial list of the benefits of the NRBA Ambassador Program:

  1.  Make more money on a part-time or full-time basis.
  2.  Build residual income that renews every year.
  3.  Inexpensive start up at only $60 per year or $5 per month.
  4.  Great compensation plan through 5 generations.
  5.  Great tax benefits to save you thousands of dollars on taxes. (See Schedule List of Tax Deductions which is about $3,000 a year on average.)
  6.  Complete back office online portal for your own business dashboard to track your organization sales in real time.
  7. All training provided for free. 

As an ambassador, the multiple streams of income will get you very excited and is easy as 1,2,3. See below: 

  1. Get paid for your own sales and through your entire organization through 5 generations.


  1. Get paid for all purchases through the NRBA Affiliate Benefit Hub Shopping Network through 5 generations when members buy everyday items from such companies as Amazon, E-Bay, Macy’s, Group-On and hundreds more.


  1. Get paid commission when you sign up local businesses to the Gold or Platinum Plan in the NRBA’s Ignite Local Biz Directory. (See Ignite Local Biz Directory Commission Plan Documents). For any new businesses that you or your team signs up, you will be paid commissions through 5 generations. This gives local businesses access to all the NRBA members in their area, where members can shop and get great discounts, thus everybody wins.  The NRBA loves to support local small businesses. 

You can make substantial income with your efforts and your organizations’ efforts. Even more exciting…you will get paid bonuses as you and your NRBA team reach higher levels of production. (See NRBA Ambassador Bonus Comp.) So, in summary, get paid for you and your national team’s sales with a complete turn-key on-line marketing system. You will also receive training via YouTube videos and manuals. You can also upload advertising videos to share with new potential members and ambassadors which is an ever-expanding market of over 160 million people.  

You can and will have Ambassadors all over the country! You will help many people and small business owners get new business when they really need a financial boost, especially after this Covid pandemic. The NRBA will help America get back on track. So, let’s get started now!  Your future could depend on it.  Sign up and get started to save money, make money, retire early, and retire well.


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